AlphaEngine Global Investment Solutions, LLC, provides investment management and advisory services to institutional clients around the world, including pension and profit sharing funds, corporations, and charitable organizations (e.g., endowments and foundations). AlphaEngine Global Investment Solutions provides advice on a broad range of assets and uses a systematic rules-based approach to analyze the likely performance of such assets/securities based on fundamental, technical, sentiment and seasonal indicators.
AlphaEngine Global Investment Solutions leverages the AlphaEngine® technology, and uses both quantitative and qualitative inputs as part of its asset class/sector, currency and manager allocation methodology. In addition, these models are customized to the client's specific portfolio structure, policy constraints and investment objectives and are designed to perform better than naïve static or rebalancing policies.

These services include:

SMART Rebalancing: recommendations on asset allocation to broad asset classes (equities, bonds, etc.) and sub-asset classes (Domestic Equity, International Equity, Domestic Fixed Income, International Fixed Income, Large Cap and Small Cap Equity, etc.).
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2.SMART Alpha: dynamic currency hedging, allocation across external managers including currency managers and allocation across hedge fund managers and styles.

3.Tail Risk Hedging:
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