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  » Release of Dr.Arun Muralidhar's latest Book "50 States of Gray: An Innovative Solution to the Defined Contribution Retirement Crisis" 07 May 2018


  » Commentary by Dr. Arun Muralidhar: Cash flow-driven investing – Keep it simple and straightforward


  » Prof. Robert Merton and Dr. Arun Muralidhar propose SeLFIES Can Improve the Nation’s Retirement Security


  » Prof. Robert Merton and Dr. Arun Muralidhar propose Retirement SeLFIES to improve pension outcomes


  » Dietz Award for the article “Attribution Hears a Who! The Case for Decision Maker-based Attribution"by Dr. Arun       Muralidhar


  » Prof. Robert Merton and Arun Muralidhar provide a new perspective on monetary policy (April 2015)


  » IMCA 2014 Edward D. Baker III Journal Research Award for  The Relative Asset Pricing Model: Toward a Unified       Theory of Asset Pricing by Arun Muralidhar (Chairman, Mcube Investment Technologies, LLC), Kazuhiko Ohashi       (Hitotsubashi University - Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy) and Sung Hwan Shin (Korea
      Fixed Income Research Institute),
Journal of Investment Consulting 15, No.1, 2014.


  » Mcube IT wins another award - aiCIO's 2012 award for Best Tactical Risk Managements, 03 September 2012



  » Mcube and AEGIS Chairman Dr. Arun Muralidhar wins Ed Baker Award at IMCA Annual Conferencecc, 23 April       2012


  » Kodak de-risks with liquid SMART Alpha seeding by Timothy Barrett, (Director of Pension Investments Worldwide
     at Kodak), Hedge Fund Intelligence, 02 Feb 2012


  » IMCA 2012 Edward D. Baker III Journal Award for  Dynamic beta management: getting paid to manage risks by      Timothy Barrett (CIO - Kodak), Don Pierce (CIO - San Bernardino CERA), James Perry (Asst. CIO - San
      Bernardino CERA) and Arun Muralidhar (Chairman),
Journal of Investment Consulting, 01 Nov 2011


  » Kodak Retirement Income Plan Seeds SMART Alpha® Program: Funds Could Get Paid To De-Risk, 12 Dec 2011


  » LDI: Less Than Desirable Investing? by Dr. Arun Muralidhar,, 15 Nov 2011


  » Dynamic beta management: getting paid to manage risks by Dr. Arun Muralidhar, Global Pensions, 01 Nov 2011


  » Achieving Solvency Nirvana by Dr. Arun Muralidhar April 2011,, Summer 2011


  » A SMART Approach to Portfolio Management by Dr. Arun Muralidhar, April 2011


  » Portfolio management theory all wrong, claims economist by Dr. Arun Muralidhar, Investment News, 26 May 2011


  » Investments and Pensions Europe Articles by Dr. Arun Muralidhar




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