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Release of Dr. Arun Muralidhar's latest Book "50 States of Gray: An Innovative Solution to the Defined Contribution Retirement Crisis" 07 May 2018
Commentary by Dr. Arun Muralidhar: Cash flow-driven investing – Keep it simple and straightforward
Prof. Robert Merton and Dr. Arun Muralidhar propose SeLFIES Can Improve the Nation’s Retirement Security
Prof. Robert Merton and Dr. Arun Muralidhar propose Retirement SeLFIES to improve pension outcomes
Dietz Award for the article “Attribution Hears a Who! The Case for Decision Maker-based Attribution" by Dr. Arun Muralidhar
Prof. Robert Merton and Dr. Arun Muralidhar provide a new perspective on monetary policy (April 2015)
IMCA 2014 Edward D. Baker III Journal Research Award  for  The Relative Asset Pricing Model: Toward  a Unified Theory of Asset Pricing by Dr. Arun Muralidhar (Chairman, Mcube Investment Technologies, LLC), Kazuhiko Ohashi (Hitotsubashi University - Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy) and Sung Hwan Shin (Korea Fixed Income Research Institute), Journal of Investment Consulting 15, No.1, 2014.
Mcube IT wins another award - aiCIO's 2012 award for Best Tactical Risk Managements, 03 September 2012
Kodak de-risks with liquid SMART Alpha seeding by Timothy Barrett, (Director of Pension Investments Worldwide at Kodak), Hedge Fund Intelligence, 02 Feb 2012
IMCA 2012 Edward D. Baker III Journal Award for  Dynamic beta management: getting paid to manage risks by Timothy Barrett (CIO - Kodak), Don Pierce (CIO - San Bernardino CERA), James Perry (Asst. CIO - San Bernardino CERA) and Arun Muralidhar (Chairman), Journal of Investment Consulting, 01 Nov 2011
Kodak Retirement Income Plan Seeds SMART Alpha® Program: Funds Could Get Paid To De-Risk ,        12 Dec 2011
LDI: Less Than Desirable Investing? by Dr. Arun Muralidhar, 15 Nov 2011
Dynamic beta management: getting paid to manage risks by Dr. Arun Muralidhar, Global Pensions, 01 Nov 2011
Achieving Solvency Nirvana by Dr. Arun Muralidhar,, Summer 2011
A SMART Approach to Portfolio Management by Dr. Arun Muralidhar
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